Nightlife will never be the same again

Send drinks to friends, buy drinks for yourself. We could all use some velvet 🍻

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Send Drinks

Buy drinks in app 24/7. Your friends will love you. Take your night out to the next level.

Buy for yourself

Buy yourself drinks via Velvet. Guaranteed lower prices and more convenient then anything you've seen.

Discover nightlife

We have the best bars in New York City and are adding new ones daily. (Other cities coming very soon)

"Amazing, finally a nightlife app that makes sense. Better deals and faster service. What's not to like?"

Anna Y.

Velvet User
"I love how I can surprise my friends quickly and make it personal at the same time. Love the idea!"

Eric B.

Velvet User
"Perfect for birthdays. Way more fun then a simple Facebook post. I will definitely be using this app."

Nancy N.

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Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to email us at

What can I buy on Velvet?

Drinks are set into 4 categories: beers, shots, mixed drinks and cocktails. Bars set their prices and menu options. More items are coming soon!

How do I redeem a drink?

Redemption is super simple. You simply go to the redeem screen, pick the items you want to redeem and then show the app to the bartender so they can confirm. Then just relax and enjoy!

Where can I use Velvet?

Velvet is live in New York City and the surrounding metro area. You can only buy and redeem in participating bars.

Can I buy drinks for myself?

Yes! Why not save time and money and treat yourself? Life is too short to let others have all the fun.

Can I send drinks to someone if they are not on Velvet?

Of course. Simply enter any email or phone number and we will send them a notification that they have a gift waiting for them. As soon as they sign up they can claim their items.

I'm a bar/venue. How do I sign up?

Email with your information and we will get back to you ASAP.